The philosophy

“My first priority is for my students to ensure that they receive a high quality enriching musical experience. My calling to teach comes from my passion for music and the piano. Learning to achieve excellence requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, and patience. And it should be done responsibly and with care for the development of the student.”

- Paul Vazopolos


Performing and creating beautiful music are the ultimate goals of studying piano with Mr. Vazopolos. Along the way, students will gain valuable insight and build important life skills. Piano lessons foster creativity, discipline, perseverance, and confidence within and outside the musical sphere. Setting goals is important for a student who is looking toward the future, as well as an increased learning ability when focusing to achieve these goals. The development of these characteristics can go a long way when facing the trials of life. Piano lessons may not only create good musicians, but better individuals.

Piano lessons should be fun and exciting. Mr. Vazopolos has a wonderful ability to connect with his students and motivate them to dedicate the time and effort required for excellence. This opens the door to marvelous musical experiences that build a foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.