Lisa Driscoll - Students' parent

"My daughters, Jessica and Lauren, have been studying piano with Mr. Vazopolos for the past year. I think Mr. Vazopolos is a very knowledgeable and dedicated piano teacher, who truly wants to see his students improve. The room where the students have their piano lessons is very quaint with a beautiful grand piano. Any criticisms expressed during the lessons are productive and presented in a kind, positive manner creating a very nurturing learning environment for the students. In addition Mr. Vazopolos assigns just the right amount of practice material each week but is flexible enough to assign more if requested.

For all these reasons and more I would recommend the Vazopolos School of Music to others."


Lisa Driscoll
May 23, 2012

John and Bernice Keller - Students' parents

"We feel very fortunate to have our two daughters, Christina and Clara, studying with Mr.Vazopolos. He provides a strong foundation in music theory and fosters excellence in playing and performing. The recitals that students participate in provide the showcase for their efforts and help build confidence to perform in front of a large group of people. It was because of Mr.Vazopolos that our daughter played at Carnegie Hall and it was a wonderful experience for her and our family.

Mr.Vazopolos is a gifted teacher and has great patience. We highly recommend him to anyone interested in taking lessons."

John and Bernice Keller
May 27, 2012

Marian Ato - Student's parent

"Mr. Vazopolos builds on a student's strengths and addresses their weaknesses with course work specifically adapted to their musical ability. Add to this his patient but firm hand during a session and commitment to the student, and the result is that my child (Ethan) is able to enjoy music and the accomplishment of playing well, and progress to the next levels in a short amount of time."


Marian Ato
May 30, 2012

Dr. Bottazzi - Colleague

"I have started piano lessons at the age of 2, gave my first solo recital at the age of 4, studied 5 years at the Paris Conservatory in France, had a First Prize from there, one BM, three MM, from Argentina and the USA and two Doctoral Degrees from Argentina and the Juilliard School in New York. I have performed all over the world: for President Bush Sr. (in the White House) and for Pope John Paul II (in the Vatican). I have met hundreds of hundreds of musicians and piano teachers in all the countries I went to, and I like to say here that very few times, very few, I have met a piano teacher of the caliber of Professor Vazopolos. Every time I heard one of his students perform, I have been amazed by the quality of teaching he gives to his students. Even now, and living in Manhattan, I couldn't find many other teachers with his quality. I really think that he is extremely important to the musical world."

Ana Maria Trenchi Bottazzi, Ph.D., D.M.A.
Jun 2, 2012

Liz Lund
 - Student's parent

"My daughter Claire has studied with Mr. Paul Vazopolos for almost a year now.  Prior to this, she studied with Mr. Philip Dieckow.  Philip was a close colleague of Paul’s for many years – which is why I sought Paul out after Philip passed away last summer.  Paul’s teaching style exhibits warmth, encouragement, patience, and an innate knowledge for uncovering my daughter’s hesitancy and frustrations with learning a new piece as well as her fears with performing.   Claire adored Philip; Paul recognized this bond and therefore ensured that Claire’s transition to studying under a new teacher was comfortable and seamless to her. 

Claire was close to taking time off from her piano lessons indefinitely. It was Paul who really emphasized how important piano lessons can be to a child. 'Some of the most valuable lessons a child learns while studying (music) have nothing to do with music. …it is a life skill that will help her in many ways…' Since working with Paul, Claire’s self-esteem, confidence, ability to challenge herself, and to perform without fear has greatly improved. She truly enjoys studying under Paul.

I highly recommend Mr. Paul Vazopolos as a piano instructor! His passion for life, music, teaching, and development of his students within the music realm is beyond wonderful."

Liz Lund

June 9, 2012